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Once upon a time, Sony is again being uncool to its customers. Here’s the situation: most of the VAIOs out there right now have Intel Core 2 Duo processors, which have VT-x virtualization extensions built right in. These extensions make it possible to use Windows 7’s new compatibility tool, Windows XP Mode. But Sony disables VT in the BIOS, and provides no updates that give the option to enable. Its stance is that no past or current VAIO models will be given VT support, but that some models may in the future. Here’s the link: Sony promises clarity on virtualization-free Vaio PCs. Man, could they be more helpful? So, there is no easy way to get VT-x support for VAIOs. But as I found by googling around, people aren’t holding their breaths to wait for Sony to change its mind, because let’s be honest, that’s not likely. Sony isn’t the innovative, customer-centric company it once was. Anyway, the existing instructions on how to do this are so good, that there’s no reason for me to write this up, I’ll just link to it: How to Enable Intel VT and AHCI on a Napa/Santa Rosa platform Phoenix BIOS Vaio laptop. The only things you need to know are:

  1. Go here for instructions on how to make your USB flash drive bootable.
  2. Ignore the part about AHCI.
  3. The VT-x code for the CR231E is 05BB.

It almost seemed too easy when I did it, but it works! Thanks to all the people that figured this out.


The USB boot instructions link went dead. Here’s another that works: