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Once upon a time I’ve been keeping my old desktop computer alive because I’m in school and don’t have the money for a new one. I built it in 2002, and it’s doing very well for being 7 years old. But more and more I’m discovering the boundaries of what it can do. For instance, I discovered that it didn’t support the S3 sleep state (Suspend-to-RAM) by default. So, when I put Windows XP into standby to try and conserve power and reduce noise, it did neither of those things, because it only offered the S1 sleep state, which leaves all the fans turned on.

The A7V333 manual only mentions S3 in two places: jumper settings in reference to allowing USB devices to wake the computer, and a BIOS Power Management setting called “ACPI Suspend-to-RAM”, which unfortunately did not appear when I looked in my BIOS settings. After much googling, I found out that the computer must not be in jumper free mode (it is by default) if the “ACPI Suspend-to-RAM” setting is going to show up in the BIOS. I love how good ASUS is at documentation. Speaking of documentation, refer heavily to the manual and follow these steps to get S3 working:

  1. Look in the BIOS Advanced settings and find your CPU Frequency. If it’s not there, divide your CPU Speed by your CPU Frequency Multiple. For example my CPU Frequency is 133Mhz (1600Mhz/12.0x)
  2. Change the JEN jumper from 2-3 to 1-2
  3. Set the SYSCLK DIP switches to your CPU Frequency.
  4. Change the USB01_PWR and USB23_PWR jumpers from 1-2 to 2-3 (Your power supply must support +5VSB leads for this to work. Most recent power supplies do, which it should indicate somewhere on the label)
  5. Look in the BIOS Power Management settings for ACPI Suspend-to-RAM and set it to “Enabled”
  6. If you have a PS/2 Keyboard, go to Power Control and set Power On By PS/2 Keyboard to “Enabled”
  7. Download and run the MCE Standby Tool to make sure that the S3 sleep state is selected (rather than S1)

You should now be able to put your A7V333 computer into S3 Standby.

Source: a7v333 and suspend to ram


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    • Anonymous
    • Posted January 15, 2010 at 2:49 AM
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    Thanks for posting this. It was the first Google result for “a7v333 s3 sleep” and it solved my problem perfectly.

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