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Once upon a time, my old college buddy made a video game for XBOX Live Arcade. And it’s pretty dang cool. It’s called A Kingdom for Keflings, by NinjaBee Studios.

A Kingdom for Keflings is the first game to take advantage of the XBOX 360’s avatar feature, part of the New User Experience (NXE). NXE, released November 18th, is basically an operating system upgrade for the XBOX, on the order of say, going from Windows 95 to Windows 98. The interface is prettier, and there are a few new features, but underneath its really the same. I’m not against it, just being honest. I really like the new features, it’s much easier to navigate than the old blade style interface, and it has avatars. It’s really fun to create an avatar that looks like you (or doesn’t), and it’s extra fun to use that avatar in a game, which brings me back to A Kingdom for Keflings.

The game is a very simple city building sim. You are your avatar, a giant in the land of Keflings. They need your help to build them a kingdom. You direct the Keflings to mine or chop wood or carry things by picking them up and placing them where you want them, and then you use the raw materials produced to start building pieces to construct bigger and better buildings. The game is really enjoyable, even for people like me that hate sim games. It’s calming after a tough day at work/school, easy to pick up and put down, yet still addictive, and you can drop kick the Keflings! And the price is right (demo available too). I give it 9/10. Good work Sascha.

And I lived happily ever after in the Land of Keflings. ZZZZZ


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